Materials Database for Students

Materials Database for Students, or matSdata, provides engineering students with a ready-made database that contains information on a wide range of materials used in engineering. The database was designed specifically for A-level Engineering students and more information can be found in Engineering A Level by Mike Tooley, published by Butterworth Heinemann, ISBN 0 7506 66927.


Although the database has already been populated with data it has been designed so that you can easily modify the data or add your own data to it. When you first start the matSdata application it will load the data from the disk file (matSdata.dat) and you will then see a window that looks something like the one shown below. You will then be able to view, modify and search the database. Comprehensive help is available from the Help menu. 





Click here to download the matSdata zipped file. Copy the file to a folder of your choice (e.g. a folder on a floppy disk or USB memory) and then unzip it before running the matSdata program.


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